New mums, you need extra TLC. The Mamberina Mums programme has been designed especially for you. The dancing focuses on you, the mother, so that you can start to feel great again. It also incorporates and works around the attention required by your most precious and rather demanding new arrival. Think of this as dance fitness parties for mums and babies!
Usually what happens is a group of new mums get together and arrange one session a week either in one person’s home or alternating each week so that everyone has a session when they don’t have to travel. Your home is the best place, because you have all of your baby chairs and soft toys in place. Even with friends and their babies visiting, the babies are far better catered for than if you were to go out to a gym. You need a big enough space for you and the other mums to dance but the exercises are specifically designed to give you a thorough workout without needing a lot of space. 
The impact level and complexity of the dance exercises will be adapted to suit you. Dress in your favourite exercise outfit to feel fabulous and wear dance shoes with heels if you have them. The exercises will give you a full body workout and will also train you to move in a feminine way. At a time when your child is demanding a lot of attention and your body has been through an awful lot, these sessions give you an opportunity to have some fun and start getting back into shape. They will boost your body confidence and re-ignite your sensuality. Baby will be in the room and will be enjoying the music along with you or can even be carried in a sling as you dance.
When you love the way your body moves, you will love your body the shape that it is. A toned and supple dancer’s figure comes as a bonus the more you do! 

A client testimonial...

"Was good fun and silly which is definitely my purpose for going." Charlie (April 2013)