I teach one-to-one and private dance lessons to adults in London, Surrey and Berkshire. Usually, I travel to my clients and teach them in their home for their own ease and convenience. 

The duration of a lesson is between 45 minutes and an hour and a half depending on how high impact the activity is and how long you, the client, are comfortable concentrating for. 

Your first session is just £45. It functions as a venue test, a consultation and an introduction.

Most of the dance styles I recommend (Mambo, Cha Cha, Hustle/Discofox, Bachata, Merengue etc) don't require a large amount of space. The size of space you need will depend on how many people are taking part. Only some styles, for example Waltz and Tango, do need a bigger space. In this case, your options to consider include booking a studio in your gym or a function room in your local pub. I can also advise you on studios that are available for hire in London and Surrey.

Lessons can focus on partner dancing but they don't have to. Ladies often like to book one-to-one dance lessons as an alternative to a personal trainer. Instead of a workout wearing trainers building the body shape of an athlete, your dance workout can be done in heels and will sculpt your body into the figure of a dancer. A feminine and graceful way of moving will be trained into the body.

Contact me (Fritha) for more information and a price list.

A client testimonial...

"My partner and I have been having private lessons with Fritha for about 2 years, roughly one lesson per week.
In private lessons you can focus on specific aspects of technique that complement your personal style. You can also influence the music choice, which is fun and encourages more musicality in the dancing. We've also taken the opportunity to ask for the occasional Cha Cha, Bachata or Hustle lesson instead of our regular Mambo session.
There is no doubt that we have improved at a faster rate by having private lessons but the experience of social dancing is not to be forgotten. Once in a while we have get-togethers with Fritha's other clients or go out to a Salsa night.
We have our lessons in the living room. The floor boards are antique but they're fine. The space is about 2m x 4m and that's decent amount for 2 people at a time. Sometimes a mirror is helpful - the bigger the better!" Oliver (Mar 2016)