"I can see why the social elite choose you as their teacher because you enhance elegance of movement as well as bringing out the rhythms" Kris (Nov 2013)

"Thank you Fritha, I thought I could dance but you took me back to basics and showed me how to change my whole approach. You taught me that a good command of basic dance technique builds confidence, and I would recommend you as a teacher to anybody at any level who wants to be a better dancer." Noel 

“I had been to other lessons in London for six months or so, but my Salsa only really came on after lessons with Fritha, which I have been doing for over a year. Teaching quality is high such that I properly learnt moves and developed confidence to go out and dance socially. It's also much more fun than going to the gym!” James (Aug 2012) 

"Over two months of Salsa classes with Fritha my technique has significantly improved; detailed instruction and attention to posture and style surpasses what is taught at most dance venues.” Ulrich (Aug 2012)

"I was pretty certain that I had two left feet before I began, and Fritha has shown me that this is not the case! Highly recommended." Mike (Oct 2012)

"I’ve been taking Mambo and Cha Cha classes with Fritha for several months. The classes are great fun and always leave me with a smile on my face." Carley (Nov 2012)


"Great cabaret. I've got two left feet but the lesson was fun." Joanne

"You were fabulous ... really made the party for me! Thank you." Siobhan (July 2014)


"Fritha is a fantastic Mambo teacher. She has an amazing ability to break down the steps and explain the technique in a clear and simple way. Her technique workshops and partnerwork workshops are first class. Fritha is incredibly knowledgeable about technique, the music, the styles and the history of Mambo." Carley (Nov 2012)

"What an inspiration! Thanks." Marianne