Book a short course of private lessons for you and your fiancé in preparation for your first dance. Even if you only have time for one lesson, it can make a huge difference. If you've never taken dance lessons before, learning a few simple techniques for leading and following will transform how you look and how you feel on the dance floor. The more you prepare, the more confidence you'll have and the more you'll enjoy every second. Learn how to freestyle or commission your very own bespoke choreography.


Plan an entertainment package so that your guests have fun throughout the day and party long into the night. Dance lessons and animations will keep them on their toes. Shows and demonstrations by professional dancers will impress and inspire everyone and leave a lasting memory for years to come.

A client testimonial...
"The wedding went unbelievably well, and everyone was very impressed with our dancing. Thank you so much for helping us!" Allen (Nov 2014)